Newsweek AMPLIFY introduction

Newsweek AMPLIFY introduction

Newsweek AMPLIFY, the company’s independent business unit, has launched a new program to empower digital brands with comprehensive content marketing and advertising strategies.
AMPLIFY uses advanced technology in tracking and reporting that helps brands achieve transparency when it comes to campaign results. The team works with all major affiliate networks in the market today.
In a short period, AMPLIFY has helped businesses increase their conversions by focusing on two central facets of digital strategy: content and distribution.
The content approach at AMPLIFY is a hybrid of news journalism and content marketing practices. Meanwhile, the distribution is centered on precise targeting methods to make sure your brand is reaching the right audiences at the right time.
Brand Awareness Through Content
AMPLIFY’s biggest shift is in the content development for its partners. Working with the team, you’d get the chance to explore various content formats, from timely features, highlights about your business, or a curated article that engages your audiences with your brand.
One of AMPLIFY’s solutions offered includes a long-term content strategy that involves SEO-reach, keyword domination and syndication (Apple News, Newsbreak, Smartnews and more).
AMPLIFY’s domain authority rests on Newsweek, the parent publication. This enables affiliate and brand partners to reach their ranking goals faster. When it comes to keyword optimization and organic search traffic, Newsweek leads by at least 13% than the average traffic for all other digital publications in the U.S. (Source: Alexa)
Ads Capabilities
AMPLIFY uses top-of-the-line software for ads analysis and distribution. Once the content is published, the team implements the distribution to the Newsweek platform.
Aside from the exposure within the Newsweek audiences, affiliate partners also enjoy the ease of conversion. AMPLIFY’s database and geotargeting helps businesses achieve higher rates. The team offers straightforward solutions.
Mobile advertising has also been one of the best solutions the team offer. With the majority of readership and audiences spending more hours on their smartphones and tablets, AMPLIFY’s mobile ads targeting helps businesses and marketers improve their reach.
Solutions & Services
You can sign up for Newsweek AMPLIFY straightaway. Here are the options for the content and ads packages you can explore:
Sponsored Article | Starter Package | $3,500

  • 3 Curated Articles
  • Publishing timeline: within 2 months
  • Total projected clicks: 2,000 to 10,000
  • Live searches, evergreen curation
  • Syndication to Apple News and other networks
  • Keyword domination

Premium Content | Annual Package | $12,000

  • 12 Curated Articles
  • Publishing timeline: 12 months
  • Total projected clicks: 20,000 to 100,000
  • Content placement on section pages
  • Live searches, evergreen curation
  • Syndication to Apple News and other networks
  • Keyword domination (up to 20 keyphrases)

For custom partnership packages, reach out to the Newsweek AMPLIFY team: