President Donald Trump criticized his Democratic rival’s vice presidential selection process, saying Tuesday that some men are insulted by Joe Biden’s decision to promise to select a woman as his running mate.
In an interview with Fox Sports Radio, Trump said, I would be inclined to go a different route than what hes done,” indicating that Biden roped himself off into, you know, a certain group of people.”
Biden is expected to announce his running mate in the coming days ahead of next week’s Democratic National Convention. The United States has never had a female vice president, and the move comes four years after the country’s first female presidential nominee lost her White House bid.
Of Biden’s vow to choose a woman, Trump said, Some people would say that men are insulted by that. And some people would say its fine.
Biden campaign spokesperson Andrew Bates said Trump is easily threatened.
And because of his insulting negligence and erratic, failed leadership, over 5 million Americans have been infected with coronavirus, over 160,000 died, and tens of millions remain jobless, Bates said in a statement.